A Song in my Heart

Today feels soft and fluffy on the inside, so let me write like that. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with a neat little idea for my second Sen & Sanja book, The Clock of Mirrors. An image came to me of a big, wooden, standing clock with twelve mirrors instead of the hour markers. My next thought was that some of the mirrors would be broken and the siblings would race against time to prevent their mysterious arch-nemesis from destroying the clock and time itself. And sure, there will be twelve chapters.

After that, I turned around and went back to sweet sleep. As I’m shifting into a higher gear, the process of writing The Clock of Mirrors is well underway. The structure and storyline with all the main characters will come first. I already have some pretty clear visions about the whole — and how book two will intertwine with book three in a crazily fantastic time-shifting paradoxical manner. So stay tuned. And I’m updating the progress bar from 20% to 25% today on my website here. The game is afoot.

In the morning, I woke up with a melody in my head — or was that heart? I have always wanted to create music as well, at least lyrics. I heard a sequence of notes today and especially their rhythm which will vary at the end from verse to verse. The melody will be joyful at times and also sad. Like life. And the words were “I don’t want to die alone.” Maybe that will be the title, maybe not.

So, technically, where am I this week with my self-publishing? 

I’m getting ready for the first two books, The Cube of Runes and Orion, to launch in just four days. They’re ready, as ready as they possibly can be, but I’ll still improve the front and back matter just a notch. Today is the last day I can do that before Amazon locks down the shop.

Next, I’m finishing up the second mail of my automated onboarding sequence for you. I’m also putting my five books on various platforms for selling or for promotion. Many other tasks, too.

I’ll end with a teaser of something big to come: my long-time dream of co-creating a platform that will support artists who already create and the artist within each one of us is taking wings. I can feel it.

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