Am I Grounded?

For the last ten years, I’ve grown and worked as an intuitive healer and creative author. Surprisingly, what I learned is that there can be no spirituality without grounding into the reality of our everyday life. I only expanded at times when challenging moments knocked on my thick skull, and only if I remained present with who I am as a whole being, including my mind, ego, and all.

Nowadays, as I follow my friends on social media expressing their powerful opinions, I feel that most of us are ready to stand up and voice our beliefs loudly and clearly. That is good. The question is whether we know who we truly are and where our convictions and ideas are coming from. In other words: whether we are grounded or not.

Ungrounded, we tend to get confused and become easy prey for the energies of our old, stuck emotions of past traumas and lineage programming. We react to negative triggers and stubbornly defend what we believe is the truth, failing to comprehend it is but a truth. We sacrifice even what we love for the greater good and pave the road to hell with our best intentions. Ironically, we hurt our dear ones the most, and ourselves, in the end.

What we need now is grounding in the present moment, the sensations, feelings, and emotions of our body, and opening up to our five senses, instead of closing up within the virtual illusions of the mind-based endless stories of how bad, sad, and bleak the world is.

We need more common sense and to take everything with a grain of salt of ancient wisdom. We need to cheer up and stop taking everything so friggin’ seriously. We need to learn to fall, fail, and flail helplessly for a little while, before we get up and grow stronger than ever before, smiling.

We could dive headfirst into this bloody, sweaty wonder, called life again, as in our childhood, bruising knees and hearts, laughing it off, only to repeat the same stupid mistake again, for fun and hell of it. Immerse ourselves in projects, hobbies, passions of any kind. But consciously, not as a matter of running away in denial of our many addictions!

I’m in for another cycle of grounding myself: my old profession as a computer programmer is calling me. I will have to brush off my brilliant skills and vast, past experience. I am ready: energized and passionate to undertake a great challenge, hoping I would contribute to the good in the world that way—if only by grounding in the here and now instead of spiritually bypassing. That alone is enough.

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