Ink by Star series

Original Koans to Awaken Self-Love and Help You Reclaim Your Life

Do you want to feel alive? Discover an inspiring avenue to your own power, freedom, and choice.

Universe is the ultimate box set in the Ink by Star series of transparent insights into the life and spirit of a human being. Daily, Lesjak created time and love amidst storms of unexpressed emotion with a single-minded purpose: to rekindle his trust in love. Each note is a piece of a self-healing mosaic he collected from a shattered reality on his personal path to inner freedom. Vulnerable and optimistic, Lesjak exposes his earthly musings in the hope he may inspire others to ignite their own self-love and live to the fullest.


Lesjak’s original visions will lead you to trust your own intuitive grasp of life, which will help you deal pragmatically with your daily fears, confusions, frustrations, and feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness. Take a risk and create a pause in your busy schedule to let yourself blossom.


Universe is an inspirational daily account of personal quantum awakenings. If you are done playing the waiting game and if you like Eckhart Tolle, Zen Buddhism, and The Little Prince, you’ll love Borut Lesjak’s koan collection.

“In 2012, I hit rock bottom after I’d been fired from my dream job, diagnosed with diabetes, and found divorce papers in the mail. The next day, I discovered a breathwork based healing modality that steadily changed my life from hell to bliss. Some years later, I began to teach healing and write stories that encoded healing in their very architecture.


Every day of my life since that breaking point, my healing process has guided me to face my past shadows while staying grounded in my present power of love. Each time a trigger yanked me out of clarity and threw me into the suffering of denial, resistance, and drama, I breathed into my soul and loved myself back to who I truly am. And then I’d write a note and create a vignette about it. I kept writing down insights that were founded on my experience and feelings, instead of just thinking and analyzing.


I want to offer these daily insights as collections of inspiring dots I’m still connecting, much like the way tiny stars shine in the dark while they traverse the skies and create the wonder of a constellation.


Stars have been unfathomable miracles to me, ever since I can remember. The sentiment they evoke on a clear, moonless night in the countryside or mountains is beyond description, like spirit itself. Their light comes from another realm. I feel as if my words of insight have been inked by that light, and so I call the series Ink by Star.


And it seems that each time I greet the evening sky, the first constellation I see is Orion. Always Orion. I feel this link to Orion within me and without, for I have been marked by it. On the skin of my right forearm, I wear three small birthmarks, positioned exactly as the three stars of Orion’s belt: Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak. When I see them, I feel written by the Universe, and I know it’s safe to live, and love.”


— Borut Lesjak