I Trust Love

I trust you. I trust humanity with all its constituents, left or right, top and bottom. Why wouldn’t I? We’re all the same under the skin, and we all want love, joy, and peace.

As I presume that you are just like me in essence, any distrust surprises me. Why would anyone believe there are rotten people out there whose intentions are evil? Don’t you sense we’re all the same?

But then it dawned on me: you do presume we’re all the same, you do. The trouble lies in you believing you are a bad guy yourself. You know your faults and mistakes, and now you’re sure everyone has them too. And you’re right: we all do.

My question is: can you love yourself all the same, despite your cracks, bad spots, and old scars? Can you embrace your bruised past and forgive yourself? If you can, we all can. If you do, we all will.

And when we love ourselves, we love each other.

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