What if you will never know?
What if there is no one truth and nobody can be entirely right?
Does it make sense to argue and reason, let alone fight with the ones who think differently? I assure you: we are equal in our minds and unique in our viewpoints.
Let’s focus our love and passion on the essence of life: our connection!
Let’s not waste any more time on anything less than that.

I have a dream, a vision, an intuition.
Every human being—just like every other being in the world—lives each moment in awe of Mother Nature, feeling alive and fulfilled by the whole. Everything flows together and each of us is a drop of infinity weaving the grand scheme of the unknowable. We are of Earth and rooted by a sacred devotion: thus we walk, talk, relish, and perish. Nothing is less than anything else, not a moment, not a thing, not a thought, not a dream.

Yes, but how? How do we go from here to there?
I say there is no here and there.
We experience what we choose. We label our interpretations. Life is life, complex and plain. We live until our dying breath. But the awareness of it is where we make a difference.

Is the pain I feel making me hurt—or expand?
Is sadness sweet and love a no man’s mystery?
How much more is there to everything when we pause to smell the air?

Now, go and multiply and apply all of the above to your day.
It is easy if you try.

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