Just Love

I don’t know—it should be so obvious. Every child knows it.
Well, how to save the world…
It’s so easy, so straightforward. Where do we get stuck?
Let me just use a family as a metaphor for the world.
If mom and dad are fighting, we’re not happy. It never matters who is right and who is wrong. It doesn’t even matter who is the narcissist and who is the empath, or victim, or abuser, or in denial, or whatever. None of that really matters to the child.
What matters is love. Truth is only a feeling of heartfelt honesty. Safety is the fuzzy sensations in the stomach. Abundance is warmth all over and a smile. Gratitude flows and exchange is easy. That’s the life of a child.
Take that away, and the child grows up and becomes you.
I’m a child within our society. I want to feel love, receive love, give love. Let’s share of Mother Nature and rejoice. Have fun, why can’t we?
I don’t care who is right and who is wrong. Your history doesn’t interest me. I live in the moment where love is. I know how easy it is. Should be.
I don’t care if the father is stern, too commanding, and wants to control everything. I sense his fear and the urge to protect us, his children. But I miss his clarity, trust, faith. His peace and willingness to let go, release control. His love.
I don’t care if the mother is too invasive, soft, vulnerable to a fault. if she is a victim, that’s her way of shielding me from danger. But the shields are walls and I want freedom. I want to breathe my own mistakes.
I don’t care if my parents hate each other. Hate is not real. It’s a temporary belief. Love is underneath, always present, even if unseen, like the sun at night. Yes, the day is warm and the night is cold—but if the sun were to disappear entirely, only eternal ice and absolute zero would remain.
I don’t care if my parents fight. It’s my duty to remember love, invoke love, create love. I don’t control my parents. I don’t control the world.
I only love.
I’m a child in our society, but I’m also a parent. The illusion of power blinds those who want it. What we focus on, we energize and make real.
Let’s focus on love. On each other as we are. On details of inpiration. On gratitude. On our Mother Earth and Father Sun and the Universe that is.
Why would we focus on anything else?
Yes, we may be far away from the goal of our beliefs, but we’re always just a moment away from the here and now. Being grounded doesn’t mean to traverse the obstacle track to completion. Maybe it means just to enjoy every step of our simple daily path as it is.
What is the first step then?
Take a deep breath and embrace yourself.
Pat yourself on the back. You’ve got this.
Prepare your meal. Hug your kid. Write a book. Lead a country. Do your job. Or not. Be lazy. Oppose. Resist. Protest. But love!
Just don’t forget to love…

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