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Almost done with the Self-Publishing 101 course. Brilliant as it is, it still didn’t give me definitive answers about the major decision I’m facing: how to offer my books, exclusively to Amazon or wide. I realize nobody knows that with certainty.

Moreover, I understand that I’m delaying the launch because I want it to be perfect in every sense. Amazing, isn’t it, how we can be fully aware we are working against our own interest and still do that? No biggie. Nothing some self-love and breathwork can’t help with.

In recent days, a feeling has been crystalizing within me that I’m ready. Yep. I’ve done the mandatory 150% of the work needed to oil, prepare, and start the machinery. No more waiting.

You know what, I’ll make my choices around which books to put exclusive and which not right here and now. Live.

Let me start with The Snowflake, which has always been my testing ground at every stage of this adventure. I’ll go wide with it and first offer it in PDF format for free with subscription as part of my starter library. Later in the process, I’ll learn how to format it for Kindle and other e-book platforms, and also how to publish it on Lightning Source in a hardcover edition.

Next, the Ink by Star series. I’ll gratefully follow the advice I got in the 101 course’s Facebook group. I’ll go wide and I’ll offer book one, Orion, for free in the starter library, but it will be priced elsewhere.

And with my flagship book, Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes, I’ll go wide as well. That way, I’m sure I can offer chapter one in the starter library.

In general, I feel there is more freedom in going wide. Even the word suggests that, right?

So give me a week to implement this and I’ll report back soon!

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