The New Game

This is the new syntax: you and I are connected right here and now!
All else is relative to that. What will we agree upon and co-create?
I invite you to consider this. Are you willing to participate?

My vision is that it is time for us all to heal ourselves and the world. Not that the world needs healing. We do. We have fallen prey to our own magical powers of creating reality by what we believe. And we have lost the natural balance by succumbing to our fears. We sacrificed freedom for safety. We let the mind control everything. It’s time to re-center.

Are you with me? Will we find a channel to communicate without prejudice, even when we don’t agree with our respectful viewpoints? I trust you because I see me in you. We are all the same. We wear many forms and form many intentions, yet our purpose is one of love and unity.

What will we do? Life is merely a game. Shakespeare says “All the world’s a stage”. So many rules are obsolete. We can go softly. We are patient. Let’s hold our hands and proceed as if walking on scented grass. Let’s enjoy the trip. Together. Let’s trust. We will find a way. We will create a path.

Who will lead? Leaders are not elected but chosen. First, from within. Are you a leader? I am. Will you join me? We are the game-changers. Let’s not seek solutions externally. Let’s invent and generate them. It used to be so easy when we were one.

Why protest? Against whom? To protest is to perpetuate own feeling of powerlessness. Let’s express and state and provide. We speak only once and whoever chooses to listen will hear. Let’s trust the flow. We are coming in from different directions, but we meet in the heart of humanity.

Let’s heal our inner wounds of perceived separation. Paradox has no power over us. Truth is multiple and multilateral. No need to argue the old when you can create anew. Can you feel it? The time is now.

The new game has arrived. It’s called consciousness. Awakening of what lies beyond. There is always something more. What shall we do? What kind of a world do we want to live in? Mother Nature awaits. She is present and has forgiven us already. Have we? I know I have.

I have faith. Do you? Yes. We are one. Let’s play the new game. Know we are the children of Mother Earth: sisters and brothers to each other and to all beings and things.

We need no more words. We work. We do. We ground. We grow. We produce. We love and reproduce. We nurture. We embrace. We share. We exchange. How easy is that!

We enjoy. That’s the purpose of the game. Are you with me? Yes.

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