What do we do?

This post is my unique view on the present situation unfolding in the world. Amongst the countless expressions of various opinions that we can witness everywhere nowadays, I haven’t encountered any that I would feel in complete sync with—with nothing to add to tell differently. That said, I’m aware of many of you out there who do sense and see things the way I do, in essence. And we’ve been silent. (Until now.)

There is a time and place for silence. We all know that. In any relationship, there come opportunities to exercise your birthright to say no—sometimes, saying no to even expressing your opinion. 

In an abusive relationship, there are energies at play that can sap your presence and life force. But that only happens when you engage with them under their terms. You can stay clear out of their touch by not succumbing to the hypnotic pull of however they entice you to believe their illusions. I know how absurd that may sound, but as Baudelaire wrote, “…the loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that they don’t exist.” To me, that has nothing to do with religion, just the energetic flow.

There is always something more, another layer or level, to everything. Ultimately, it all ties to the million-dollar trick question, “Who are you?” and the issue of free will. In short, “What do you want?”

Do you want to heal the relationship and stay, or do you choose to pause, regroup, and return to healing another day? It’s a perfectly valid choice. Moreover, we should consciously explore all options and create our intuitive responses.

In today’s global situation on the level of humanity, I can perceive the same energy interplay as in our processes of individuals interacting. Addressing the question of what the collective wants is beyond the scope of this article, and I’ll write more about it in my next book, The Soul Syntax. But each of us can easily ask ourselves, “What do I want?”

I know what I want.

I want healing for myself and everyone because I want real peace in the world, based on self-love, presence, compassion, gratitude, respect, exchange, and so forth. No need to list it all—it should go without saying. And when I say “for everyone,” I mean everyone and everything.

Knowing what I want, I ask myself, “What do I do to get there?”

I just let go.

I see the devil, and it’s me: my exalted ideas, stubborn expectations, the urge to be in the right, the need to help the poor, the desire to be at peace, to reach a positive perfection—all of the above and much, much more.

It all circles back to me and my healing. As I produce trust and self-love in my heart, I can let go.

I let go of concepts and sides, dogmas and imperatives, pseudo agendas, and empty idealities until nothing is left.

Then I re-build. From scratch. From inside.

I dream. I create. I generate.

Anything I want.

And I know what I want.

What if there is no other way?


I wanted to end here and believe the implication alone would say it all. But let me be specific and clear in my expression.


What if there is nothing to say about the present global situation?

What if we’re just not ready to talk about it? (Remember the relationships.)

We can’t force-feed each other our respective viewpoints—even if we were to be the only one who is right. And we’re probably not, not entirely, absolutely, and objectively.

That’s where I usually pause myself and consider: “What if there is some sense to what they are believing and claiming? Can I see it, too? Can I shift my viewpoint a bit and try to look from theirs?”

I know it’s been hard for us all, and we are tired.

We only want to help, after all. We want good things. We want what’s fair and just, nothing else.

And what if that is true for everybody? Even the enemy. Even the other side—in their own, different way, for sure.

What if we are all indeed doing the best we possibly can, under the circumstances, at the moment, where we are?

And what if there is nothing else, no other solution or absolution coming our way? No disclosure and proof, no further unequivocal evidence, no guarantees? What if this is it: as good as it gets?

What if all that we have is our mutual love and tolerance?



Is it enough? Can we make it work?

Can we learn more neutrality and heart-based understanding?

Can we look for the middle ground and avoid extreme measures born of self-inflated fears and righteousness?

I won’t even go into greed and the unstoppable need to control. We all know those are merely consequences of post-traumatic or inherited feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, being unloved. Only self-love can heal that. And we can support each other only with love.

So what else is there to say?

What can you do to let go and contribute to our global healing if you want it as well?

And then we can start talking about doing it together!

Oh, how I’m looking forward to that…

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