Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes

Book one in Sen & Sanja

A demon. A droid. A cube of broken runes. Can the soulful siblings track their missing parents through loopy dimensions?


Sen and Sanja’s parents vanish in mysterious and ominous circumstances. After Social Services threatens to shunt them off to an orphanage, the intrepid siblings gather their vast magical know-how and sharp detective wits and set off to find their mom and dad. Following the directions of their first clue—a rune-riddled Cube found in their non-existent attic—our heroes open a trans-dimensional portal located inside their toy tent. With Social Service agents at their heels, Sen and Sanja navigate through impossible dimensions and extraordinary worlds in their trusty vessel Miss Moany, collecting a curious company of allies along the way. Will they find their parents and unseal all the Runes of the Cube?

Sanja pretended to study them, but was really concentrating on putting on mascara and lip gloss. 


Sen swallowed a sigh. He knew what was going on, but like a true gentleman, said nothing. Instead, he discharged a silent stink-scented spell. His sister, with a frown of distaste, quickly gathered her wits about her. 


“Yes, yes. Sure, sure,” she hastily responded, adding a final touch to her makeup. She tossed her blond hair with a studied yet casual gesture. Her eyes shone with satisfaction. “I am ready to depart now.” 


“Not depart. First we must find the proper parts to build the machine,” corrected Sen kindly. “Without the machine, we can’t do doodlie squat. Our parents are gone forever. Vanished.” 


“Va-voom,” Sanja added, under her breath. 


“How do you think we can find them without a searching machine, and bring them back without a bringing machine? It’s madly impossible, I tell you, and quite irresponsible. Not to mention plumfestival.”



(an excerpt)

“I really enjoyed the story of Sen and Sanja, two delightful characters with whom to have inter-gallactic, multi-dimensional adventures. Sanja’s love of lip gloss and talent for magic complimented Sen’s extraordinary sleuthing abilities as they sought the truth behind their parents’ conflicts.”

— Ann Faison, author of Dancing with the Midwives, and the upcoming, Shatterproof Glass

Sen & Sanja series

MG fantasy trilogy / age 8-12

Sen and Sanja are ordinary siblings, extraordinarily specialized in investigative wizardry. Together they travel through trickster dimensions and solve curious cases demanding advanced use of quantum spells, mind magic, and serious laughter.


A pair of magical detective siblings navigate dizzy dark dimensions and decrypt an ancient Cube of Runes to reunite with their missing parents.



The MADA team face their time-shifted selves through a black mirror and crack an impossible paradox to save themselves from never having been born.



A sinister mist of oblivion pursues the puzzled sibling investigators across a fraying fabric of lucid dreamscapes in an all-out attempt to erase the memory of human race.