#1 New Release

It’s true, but it’s not what it seems. There still haven’t been any sales, because I haven’t run any ads yet. Just those few copies that my friends bought sufficed to catapult my books to number one spot among the new releases in the obscure, niche Amazon categories that I’ve carefully chosen. But I have to admit, it feels great to see these orange mini banners with #1 on them!

Meanwhile, I’ve joined some more group book promos on BookFunnel and I’m looking into the other platform for that, StoryOrigin. The results are pretty good: I’m already at 86 subscribers, and I’m super happy and grateful. I haven’t found the time to mail most of my friends to subscribe or create a FB ad for new leads. Priorities.

On the book reviews front, all is quiet. Actually, on LibraryThing (yes, that’s a thing) my SSCR (Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes) has 5 requests from users who are willing to read the book and give me an honest review in exchange for the free e-copy, which sounds awesome. I’ll dig into paid platforms shortly.

The main task I’m working on right now is learning the ropes with Amazon advertising through Mark Dawson’s advanced course. I’ll do my best to run my first ad today, if only possible. Let’s boost those non-existent sales until they sky-rocket.

Be back next week!

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