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Merry Christmas and I hope the old year has been good to us all and we can say goodbye to 2019 as friends.

What’s coming in 2020, from this healer author, at least?

Firstly, I’m opening up to a clearer vision of my writing as a healer—meaning as someone who chooses to trust love and is willing to take a few risks at expressing that.

In the past eight years, I’ve been learning self-love and how to lead a balanced life, here and now, in the reality of our everyday world. I feel I’m doing great. On my winding path—nay, a veritable rollercoaster of emotional upheavals and subsequent healing—daily breathwork practice helped me awaken and nurture my awareness. 

The Ink by Star series is a powerful transformational tool for me as I keep adding to its content and engage my creativity in a steady, committed manner. It’s also a transparent, honest report from the trenches of a poor goner who has forged a crystal-solid way out of his hopeless hell into a vibrant life full of sweetness!

But Ink by Star is not a memoir. It’s a collection of short vignettes about my innermost experiences and spiritual insights, interspersed with longer pieces of mental ruminations and some emotional poetry. 

A while ago, I decided to collect all of the materials I had and pack it into chunks that can be savored most comfortably: into 19 books, so far!

I’m still having some deliberations about how to organize the volumes, but I believe the most straightforward approach is to simply start at the beginning and finish when I reach the end. That way, even the structure of the writing will itself reveal my ongoing process, a tendency to simplify, get real, and shift from a mind-controlled choice-making to a more sustainable, heart-based, relaxed & balanced acquiescence to Life as it is.

I’ll be back with more details soon. The next four sequels will join the already published three already within a week or two, and a dozen more are coming, named after the Zodiac constellations! 

There will be box sets available too and I’ll do my best to offer them for a fair, modest price. And there will be books for free, for my ART (= Advanced Reader’s copy Team), in exchange for an honest review.

So stay in touch if you are interested in or if you are also seeking healing in your life. I do hope and humbly believe that Ink by Star books will inspire you to open your hearts & minds wide, help you feel that you are never alone and that most of our suffering can be alleviated—not swept under the rug of denial, but properly healed—just by trusting it IS safe to love!

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