The Week After

Crickets. No sales. And that’s good! Why? Because I already know that there is no self-publishing success without a grounded, professional approach, which includes solid marketing: building visibility and promoting my books to those who are interested.

One step at a time, I’m getting there. Yes, it feels overwhelming most of the time—confusion comes and wants to stay, but I do my best to focus on just one task then, anything really—cause I can’t be sure which the best next step is… And I embrace my imperfect perfectionism and smile and feel grateful to be where I am, I do.

Let’s see then. The mailing list: 61 subscribers. Groovy. All thanks to some of my best friends and family, but also a group promo on BookFunnel I’ve joined. I’m getting ready to join more, but I’ll have to prepare a sales landing page first because the other promos are sales oriented. And I had to check with BookBub before that. I want to make sure I don’t do anything wrong and spoil my chances of joining their deals, which are hands down the best.

There are still countless friends I want to mail and invite them to follow my adventure. My journey. Then, FB ads for lead generation. Sounds almost bad. But let’s give it a try and make it good.

I realize most of my blog posts are about my plans. Well, that’s where I am: planning and pondering. Surely, I have something else to report, some real work I’ve done, some major achievement?

Yes! Lots of work has been done on the first book in David & the Nonums series. My editor Sarabi and I did several rounds of line editing and we’re nearly complete. The story is great, I love it. I feel it will introduce David well and I’m looking forward to writing the whole of his series and Sen & Sanja as well—and then linking them by a chapter book prequel! More on that in the near future…

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