Change of Plans

I’ve been busy, not lazy. But I’m back now.

I won’t even talk about the global situation—there’s plenty of that already—but I’ll say I’m doing great, I keep working hard and that helps me stay grounded and content. I do believe we’re all together in this, like we always are, and that we’ll make it through, like we always do.

What change of plans, then?

Well, I’m a healer. I was struggling with my identity here for a while. Or, I should say, with my projected image. While studying self-publishing, I’ve read and heard a lot about the importance of presenting yourself as clearly and directly as possible. I agree. I have something to offer, my books, and I hope there are people out there—you, dear reader—who will benefit from my writing in some way, enjoy it or be inspired by it. For that, you need to know what my books are all about. What I am all about.

When I say that I’m a healer, I mean nothing fancy. My intuition is powerful, but so is yours. I believe we are all extremely intuitive people. I learned to trust my intuition. It helps me lead a more balanced life when I can center myself in my heart and listen carefully both to my mind and my emotions. Then I make a grounded, sober choice. If I’m unable to follow my own best advice, my intuition informs me—against the hard resistance of both the stale mind and the stuck emotions—that it’s time to learn new aspects of self-love. That’s it.

As a healer, I can help others trust their intuition, too. I aspire to inspire you to reclaim your personal power and heal your own life. My intuition guides me to find a loving way of bringing the message across. And I use tools and share them with you: I lead breathwork meditations which I also record for you to work with. You have to experience that! No words can truly describe what breathwork does since it goes beyond the verbal and the mental.

That’s what healing is. What about that change of plans?

I feel strongly that in the following months many will want to try self-help methods and do the healing work for themselves. It’s time. No more playing the waiting game, acting small and powerless. The key to our joy and prosperity lies in our hearts. Let’s find it—or create it—and use it!

My storytelling will have to patiently wait a little bit while I focus on creating a whole series of self-help books! The working title of the series is Love Yourself Through, with the first book most probably being called Love Yourself Through Fear. It will be a short and simple handbook with practical exercises and tools, including breathwork meditation, that will help you stay present and clear during any kind of crisis and keep building your self-love. More coming soon, I promise.

Of course, my Ink by Star series of “Quotes to Inspire Self-Love” that I’ve been writing consistently almost daily for eight years now is still here, available on Amazon and wide, with new books and box sets being added every month. So far, ten out of twenty books are out, also neatly packed in three box sets which are currently on sale. But the next three installments are coming out in a week, so get happy. The Zodiac Summer box set: CancerLeo, and Virgo.

My two stories for kids, The Snowflake and Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes, are also on a special sale right now. Go get them if your young ones crave good reading!

That’s it. I’ll keep you posted more regularly from here on, I hope. Working on the new self-help series is invigorating and I’m inspired. Let’s see what happens.

All the best. Stay cool and remember: home is where the heart is!

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