It’s time to pause and rethink the strategy. 

I understand selling anything can be hard in the beginning — and why would books be any different? Those days, when I still believed I will simply make my book available on Amazon and word-of-mouth will catapult it into the hands of readers everywhere, are long gone. I know that the quality of writing doesn’t drive sales, but advertising does.

Am I selling my soul if I advertise my books? No. Writing books is a creative art and also a craft to learn and develop as you gather experience. Selling books is business and it can include the art and craft of marketing. To me, writing is a healing process, and marketing will enable my books to reach an audience — and, hopefully, inspire and help them. And business is also a part of the whole exchange. I want to sell books so I can keep writing them. Because I believe I have a lot to express and offer.

And in what ways I am reshaping my strategy?

Firstly, I’ll write more books. More is not less here. I want to do more writing — I almost stopped since I undertook the huge project of learning the self-publishing ropes. This blog and some other scribbling seem all that is keeping me a writer. Well, to be fair to myself, I did some thorough rewrites of the first book in my new children’s series David & the Nonums, titled Shapes, but I want to write more.

I’m deliberating whether to complete my memoir Safe to Love first, but it’s not time yet. Another idea is to edit the sci-fi novel Spring and extend it into four installments because it’s quite long. Then I have Sen & Sanja series patiently awaiting the sequels. And I’m also considering starting a whole new adult mystery/paranormal/urban fantasy series that called me a couple of days ago with a powerful voice it’s hard to resist.

You know what? I wish a day had 48 hours and I could do all of the above! And maybe I just will anyway…

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