Money, Exchange, Flow, Oneness

We are energy, and we generate energy. By generate, I mean manifest, and by manifest, I mean bring into this reality from Source.

Where our focus goes, our energy flows. If I focus on myself, e.g. to heal or improve myself, my energy is spent there. If I only focus on myself, I don’t exchange with others and the world. I’m curled upon myself and trapped in a vicious cycle. To heal, I have to open up and let my inner flow re-connect to the Universal flow.

As a collective, we also need to exchange not only among ourselves but with the Whole as well. Only that way we can generate energy and bring awareness to Earth and our bodies, feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Money carries an internal focus only. Even though it can serve as a currency of exchange between people, it doesn’t include Nature and Source. It only further separates us as it measures our differences in terms of quantity and quality.

Humanity is one organism, together with all Nature and all there exists. Our exchange is the awareness of this, and of each other. That is our collective self-love. My left arm owes nothing to my liver, and my heart owes nothing to my lungs. Yes, their exchange is always balanced, not because their measured or perceived worth is the same, but because they are all one organism.

In Oneness, everything flows seamlessly through all of us and all there is. We are aware of this flow and that is our exchange. We feel it in our bodies and emotions as love: the self-love of Oneness. Our healing of Oneness is underway as this flow is being restored.

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