Love Yourself Through Fear

I’ll be frank: it’s hard to find the time to blog. Especially without an active audience to spur me on and demand more cowbell. But I know I’m writing this through time, in a way. 

So, my future reader, hello, and welcome. Let me tell you that at this point in time, I’m getting readier and readier to complete and publish book 1 in my new series Love Yourself Through. I feel an abundance of hope and trust in this book. My vision is that it will help many readers improve and transform their lives. And it will open floodgates for my other books to come through and shine.

Each book of the series will be a practical guidebook on how to create more self-love and use it to live through fear, anger, sadness, and any kind of negativity, without hiding and running away. 

In this series, I present One Moon Present, a potent elixir, a healing formula, that only works if you drink it. By that, I mean that you have to do your own work to bring about lasting results. The formula is a clear, step-by-step operating manual for the mind & soul alike. 

Each book will also contain a short breathwork meditation, which lies at the core of the healing method I practice and teach. Another full-length meditation will be available separately for dedicated readers/users. The books will be recorded as audiobooks as well.

Coming soon. Stay tuned.

(Aha, this got me back to the present moment from the distant future. Anyway, we’re spanning a bridge, you and I, as we read/write this together. Thank you!)

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