The Ink by Star box set is here!

With great joy and honor, I announce that my very first box set is complete!

Ink by Star comprises the first three books of the series: OrionCassiopeia, and Andromeda, and is already available on Amazon at a permanently reduced price of $1.49.

And I decided to offer Ink by Star for free to every new or existing subscriber to my newsletter as part of Borut Lesjak’s startup library. Yes, that means you. Welcome to subscribe and download the box set from the link below:


What else is coming? Well, all my focus is on the Ink by Star series now. Books 4-7 will be ready super soon as well. On Amazon, they are already available for pre-order at $2.99: CygnusLyraPhoenixCanis Major.

Books 8-19—the twelve Zodiac books—will be gradually released in 2020 and 2021 on their respective zodiac sign dates, starting with Aries on 3/21, at the onset of spring. I know, that’s a long time to wait…


I have this crazy idea of putting all of the Ink by Star books in box sets and I will do that even before the individual books are released. As soon as the proofreading, book design, and formatting are done and over with, I’ll have it all available for you, I promise. Can’t say when, but I’ll do my best.

And the Zodiac box sets will be creatively put together, you’ll see. On top of that, I have another surprise for you, but more on that in my next newsletter in February!

Please be patient with me. I will need some time to update all the information on the website. My priority is to make my books available, the rest will follow in due time.

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