To connect or not to connect?

That’s the question!

What’s your answer?

We exist in a universe of multiple truths. Truth is not discovered, or disclosed, it is created. Whatever you choose to believe in, is your truth. Are you in tune with your own choices? Are you complete?

Free will goes far beyond good and evil. It’s your choice — not only to choose between the two but to define both and their role in your life. Your Oneness-Awareness, Spirit, looks equally at all.

I see my incompleteness. I see it in the world, then within. I know I will only ever experience my true potential when I stop countering myself. The same holds for Humanity. As within, so without.

To connect is to create, to disconnect is to destroy. Both are equal and inevitable to Spirit. Will we heal ourselves, individually and as a collective? Are we choosing integration or separation?

Spirit can’t make that choice for you and me. Only our humanity can.

I do want to see us at our best. That’s my personal, emotional desire. I want to witness what we are capable of when we work in tune — with everything! I intuit it is majestic.

My heart is making this choice. I cherish the soft feelings when I open up to vulnerability and innocence of Mother Nature, the scents of grass and pine trees after rain, the shy look of a nimble deer, the curiosity of a child.

I love this life. That’s why my answer is YES. Connect!

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