Creating a Dream

Last week was hard. The seemingly slow progress with its never-ending list of tasks to complete before I can even start building our mailing list is taking its toll. My original vision slash plan to start selling books in the second part of this year to financially support me as a full-time healer author self-publisher, well, failed to come true. Oftentimes I can feel a sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about the coming months. Will I have to amputate some of the precious, magical time that I want to dedicate to creating our stories and do something else to put food on my family’s table?

I ate my own dog food, as they say, and applied to myself a double dose of self-loving healing modality that I teach. During my daily breathwork meditations, I ease into a more natural state for a human being where the mind is no longer in total control. My heart opens and shines, I relax and create trust within: trust in love, trust in my own power of love and loving creation. And voila, instead of spending inordinate quantities of my attention and energy on excessive worrying about developments that may never occur, I can focus on my work which I can simplify and make easier, and especially, I can remain in feeling how much I love what I do, no matter what. That’s the unconditional love for you right there.

So I say, and you can find the quote in one of the Ink by Star books: “The show mustn’t go on.” The show in my head, the voice telling me that nothing is OK. My old story is becoming boring. Stale. Time to create another dream and ground it as my new story.

This week, I’ll finish formatting the e-books for your free starter library. Next week, I’m building our mailing list. Hope to hear from you and that we connect. The art is created alive from both ends: the source and the destination span the way like a bridge over the infinity for the flow to flow freely.

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