Going Far and Wide

Last week’s live blog was so powerful that the choices I made opened floodgates for the many tasks which had been waiting to be released. And this week, I’m going even further and wilder: I’ll put all of my five books that are complete on Amazon and ready to pre-order!

It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. No more waiting for perfection. Jump in and learn to swim. Sure, there is a zillion of things to be considered and taken care of, but I love the challenge. I feel invigorated by it.

Oh, and I’m happy to report that your mailing list subscription is finally open now. Even though the automation is not yet complete, you will get the first welcoming mail with your free starter library books. When I add the second automatic mail to the sequence, you’ll also have a chance to fine-tune your email delivery and only receive what you’re sincerely interested in.

What I’m doing right now, today? I’m going over the book descriptions and blurbs to be shown on the sales pages of Amazon and other platforms. Next, I’ll need to make sure all the book formatting files are correct before I upload them. I’ll consider pricing, checking similar books in the same genres. Most importantly, I’ll have to learn the ropes of selecting the right book categories and the best keywords, the metadata. There are a couple of tools I’ll look into.

Last, but definitely not least, cliche or not, I have a brand new, shiny and brilliant logo for the Mother Earth series, crafted by my talented illustrator and designer Ksenija. You can see it in the banner. We went with the idea that the symbol in the logo will adapt to the theme of the particular book of the series, starting with The Snowflake. Hope you like it as much as I do.

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