Healer Author – Part One

Last two weeks went by extra fast. In fact, I didn’t find the time to write the blog post last week, so I’m experimenting with something new: a special double yummy post in two parts.

Or is it just that nothing of importance has happened and I have nothing to report? Sometimes it sure feels that way. But I’ve been working as a healer for a long time now and I’m beginning to understand how that all works. Our inner demons, or shadows, as many call them. My choice of words is “flow blocks” and that is closely related to the well-known writer’s block.

Since my role here is to be, work, and express myself as a healer author, I’ll write about that as well. All of my books and my writing will be softly permeated by love and healing in a pragmatic way: how do we all learn more self-love that can help us live our daily lives better, happier, lovelier.

For me, one of the main avenues towards self-healing is opening up to life itself and to all that it brings along. Just like the weather, our days can be sunny or stormy, scorching hot or icy cold, or a little bit of both and something in between. Allowing myself to feel even that which is not so pleasant, at least at first, gives me a chance to get real about it, to stay in the moment, as they say. And from the vantage point of remaining grounded, I can experience deeper nuances of that first impression which can be misleading or downright illusory.

When a thought pops up in my mind that I haven’t done anything of worth in the last week or two, I don’t need to dismiss it or even completely deny it. I can listen to it attentively and perhaps lovingly and only then I make a choice whether I’ll believe it or not. That’s my power: the power of self-love. I can say yes and I can say no.

So, no, I’m not gonna believe that I haven’t accomplished any progress. Quite the contrary, I’ll remind myself of all the tiny contributions I’ve done. I listened to podcasts and learned so much new about self-publishing, about writing, about marketing, and it will help me reach out better and truer. Even the seemingly tiny steps of overcoming all the minor everyday problems and navigating the unexpected turbulences are extremely important. Instead of really getting stuck, I kept moving through the thick and thin, at my own pace.

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