Lead Magnetism

Today, I’ll steer clear(er) from blogging in too technical terms. I’ll try. ‘Cause this is not just for self-publishers like me, nor just for authors. I’m writing for human beings.

This morning, Facebook reminded me of where I was — not necessarily who I was — six years ago. Lemme steal from myself and repost it here.

I’ve been told, by my soul, that I embody two opposing aspects in this life: exceptional power and ultimate softness. The power is well masked behind my core belief of being unworthy and my program of insecurity. I am becoming aware of my power, of my mission in this world, of my gifts. My softness is mostly perceived as a weakness, especially by myself. When my heart is open, I can feel self-love strongly, above average. I am uncovering my softness. I am willingly starting to expose it all to the harsh world, to you, who judge me, reject me, hate me. I recognize all this judgment, rejection, and hatred, in the mirror. It is hiding in me. And I know it is not me, it is not of this world. I let it be. I welcome it in my space. And today, I’m saying it goodbye.

I’m grateful. I’ve come a long way since then. I don’t need to talk or think about the mirror any longer. Focusing on a nightmare is living it. Instead, I use my time, thoughts, energy, joy, love, passion, power, beauty, creativity, brilliance, imagination, knowledge, talent, etc. for this ongoing process of transmuting memories and visions into presence. Life, in short. Seasoned by self-love.

Most of the time, if not always, I can enjoy hopping and skipping on my path. Even when I go slowly, hand in hand with my patience, courage, will, and unbending intent.

Now, technically. Last week, I learned a lot about MailerLite automation. Enough to believe that within a week I’ll be delivering the free starter library to you. Maybe even before my next blog post. Soon.

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