Lighting Heart Candles

It’s been a busy week, in a great way. With my family on vacations, I work long hours and I enjoy every single minute of it. I barely have time to eat.

So, what’s new and exciting? I honestly don’t know where to start.

My upcoming-soon MG fantasy, Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes — codename SSCR — has been reformatted one last time and proof copies are in the mail. I’ll proudly post photos as soon as they arrive. That book is ready to see the day of light for sure. I can’t wait to make it happen.

But first, I still need to build my mailing list — or should I say your mailing list? I’ll talk more about that soon. Right now, I’m considering what e-books to offer you for free when you subscribe. I’m thinking the first chapter of SSCR, and two complete books: The Snowflake and Lighting Heart Candles, book one.

While I already mentioned The Snowflake, I never talked about LHC before. It is a breathwords series of self-love graffiti books of self-healing affirmations that I’ve been writing for years and posting on Facebook almost daily. At first, I was reluctant to seriously consider collecting thousands of spiritual quotes and publish them in a book format. But through time, I got so much positive feedback from the readers that I started toying with the idea. For sure, old Facebook posts are lost in time (like fears in rain) and many would love to hold a solid collection to read from and perhaps get inspired once again.

All the notes in LHC and the feelings behind them are original and organic, home-grown in my own soul & heart — even if the ideas and wisdom are timeless, common, and might seem endlessly recycled. But, you see, every time something powerful and poignant was going on in my daily life, and I had to learn something about it — basically, feel it to heal it — I duly recorded it and expressed it publically, as honestly and transparently as I could. So, in a way, the LHC series is a laconic intuitive transcript of my own ongoing healing process throughout the years. And since I’m working with breathwork for my healing, I call it the breathwords series.

Stay tuned, coming soon!

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