One Family Storyverse

I’m focusing strongly on preparing everything necessary for the big launch of my completely redesigned webpage and the building of my mailing list. The website will be live within days, I hope. I believe it will successfully represent myself as a healer author. The cover art is just perfect and depicts the many genres and age groups I write for.

Why don’t I concentrate on one single genre or at least just one age group? Because I love writing so much! I love experimenting with various styles and approaches, different story complexities and manuscript lengths, and I cherish learning and growing in the process, especially that.

And another great reason I have is that I’d like to create a common universe for many of my storytimelines to run through, one which would work for siblings and family members of every age, so they could connect among themselves even more, being able to discuss and debate the characters and events in detail and look for the missing bits and pieces that were perhaps omitted in their own book level. A four-year-old could enjoy his picture book David & Nonums of Shape while his older sister is feasting on the middle-grade Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes, yet their brother is joyfully connecting the dots, reading the chapter book Sen, Sanja, David in the No Minds Land. That’s my vision.

I will probably have to find clear ways to represent all the worlds and timelines, the heroes and their stories, in a common chart, I guess, that I’d put on my website and keep updating as I expand my fictional universe. (All suggestions are welcome!)

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