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With more excitement than I can even feel, I deliver amazing news: my first five books are ready for pre-order now! OK, four of the five. It turns out that The Snowflake, with its history of having been published before under different imprint, is slightly delayed, but that doesn’t change anything.

My website is not yet up to date on this, but here are the direct links to Amazon pages, if you want to check my books out and perhaps even do a pre-order or two. And if you wish to get acquainted with my writing before you make a hasty decision, you can always get my/your free starter library by signing up for the newsletter on www.borutlesjak.com.

Here we go:

  • Orion / Ink by Star book 1 (launch date 11.11.2019)
  • Cassiopeia / Ink by Star book 2 (launch date 11.12.2019)
  • Andromeda / Ink by Star book 3 (launch date 11.1.2020)

And my flagship book, ta-dah:

The Snowflake will follow soon, but with its planned launch date of 12.12.2019, there is no hurry. I still need to format it for Kindle and other e-book platforms, and I’ll do my best to offer it for sale as a hardcover as well — the way it was originally meant to see the light of day anyway. 

All the other titles will be available as paperbacks too, of course.

Thank you for your patience as I update my website, complete my mailing list automation sequence, and fix any problems on Amazon book sales pages. And yes, put my books on other platforms like Apple, Kobo, and the rest — we’re going wide after all.

More news about the progress I’m making with David and the Nonums series coming soon, I promise. This is the peak of frantic activity. Many choices have been made and it is all being realized now. Everything is unfolding according to plan. 🙂

Oh — before you rush in and buy Orion here, again, a word of fair warning: Orion is available for free when you sign up. 

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