The Weeks Are Just Packed!

Yes, and I like it.

So much to do, on so many fronts, from healing to writing and self-publishing. Every detail is where my passion shines through. This is what I want to be doing in my life.

I believe that all the materials necessary for my big bang launch are complete: the books (duh), the beautiful design, the website contents, the know-how. Now I simply need the time to put it all together in working order. Unlike my character in Sen, Sanja, and The Cube of Runes, who frankly admits, “All I know how to do is insert AA batteries when it’s done.”

Today and tomorrow, I’m finishing my website. It’s gonna be a blast. Sometimes I still wonder whether it’s OK to list all of my books there—already published and the ones arriving only in the next years. But then I think of what I would like to see on the website of my favorite authors. By all means, I’d be thrilled to be privy to all their plans and visions and even notified by mail for any new release coming out. So, yes, I’m baring it all, the skeletons under construction—and we’ll attentively keep track of how my visions are getting realized, together.

Next, the e-books will have to be formatted. I tried Vellum to see if it really makes that much of a difference. I have to say that to my eye, no, it doesn’t. I’ll just stick with formatting in Word and using DraftToDigital’s excellent and free online service for converting to Kindle and other electronic formats.

What happens next? Why, I’m putting my free e-books or e-chapters on BookFunnel for you to download! You’ll be notified—stay tuned.


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