Waiting to Exhale

What I am juggling this week?

The website is getting its final touches in terms of looking great, but also of functionality. MailChimp is integrated so I can soon start inviting you to my mailing list. Most of the content is on, but I’d like to add some more descriptions of the books that are yet to come in the near future — well, I’ll do that when the website is already LIVE! Just some of the book covers need to be updated and I think it’s ready. You’ll tell me if it is.

I’m still going through Mark Dawson’s course and podcasts furiously — I have several years’ worth to catch up with. I’d really like to open up this venture as a true business, professionally, with careful attention to details. When The Big Bang Opening comes, everything has to be tip-top. Now I only have to learn what that means. But essentially, I want to create a fine space where we can all meet, the readers and the writer. I want to reach you and talk to you, get feedback so I can adapt and learn. I will be as transparent as I possibly can be about my writing process, but also about my healing path. I guess we’ll see how it goes. We’ll work together. And have fun together.

The first books I’ll offer to you are The Snowflake, a kind of non-typical picture storybook, which is and always will be my very first book. Next, Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes, a middle-grade fantasy that I worked extra lovingly on and together with my stellar editor Sarabi we produced something ultra-quantumly grand! And the last is a whole series of books that I’ve been writing for nearly six years almost daily, Lighting Heart Candles, a breathwords series as I call it. I’ll introduce each of them in a separate blog post to come.

Let me just finish today by saying that I’m still deciding on how to publish Lighting Heart Candles. Even though I get many suggestions to format them as themed selections with the self-love vignettes hand-picked and neatly categorized, I opted for the natural simplicity of keeping them all in, ordered chronologically. The question is how many pages should a single book in the series have. If I separate them by the year, book one will be 340 pages long, it turns out. I believe it would be best to further split them by the season and have: 2014 Spring, 2014 Summer, etc. We’ll see.

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