Week -1

Don’t let the title mislead you: it’s a positive thing! My hopes are ever so high that by the end of next week my website will be all done and shiny, my free starter library will be nicely formatted for Kindle or PDF and available on BookFunnel and integrated with MailerLite, so I can finally start spreading the word.

Where am I in the process right now?

The website surely needs some more content about the books that will be released in 2020 and will keep coming out for years after that as new installments of a series, most specifically my Y/A flagship series Humanity Saga — I mean, that subpage is gaping empty now. Next, I’ll kindly ask my editor Sarabi to thoroughly review the text on the site — but not the blog, I want to stay transparent and 100% natural here, besides, I do use Grammarly. There are some new book covers I have to put on and yeah, I still have to change Lighting Heart Candles to Ink by Star. Then perhaps some more minor design touches to do, and some technical difficulties to resolve I’m experiencing with WordPress probably because of my inexperience with it.

As for the starter e-books, I’m in the process of registering them through Slovenian National and University Library and obtaining the ISBNs and other cataloging information. It goes smooth and I’m glad it’s a free service. In the USA, I would have to go through Bowker and they charge $100 per book/edition. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll format the books myself using MS Word or maybe Vellum, which is supposed to be a top-notch tool. Then I’ll put them on BookFunnel, a service that makes sure you, the subscriber, will get the books and will have no problems installing them on your Kindle or other apparatus you use.

When all of the above is set up to my high standards, I’ll let you know — first organically, on platforms of my choice: Facebook and Twitter, and after that with some soft and true advertising. Because I know my books are good and that you will enjoy reading them. Some of them might even move you, and I’ll be grateful for that!

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