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Good morning! My first few books are almost ready to go out there and meet you all. Which ones? I’m still deciding about that.

Certainly, Sen, Sanja, and the Cube of Runes, that opened this whole self-publishing process. I’ll offer the first (e-book) chapter—quite lengthy and juicy—for free when you subscribe to the newsletter and the whole book will be available on Amazon and other platforms as an e-book and a paperback.

In the Ink by Star series, we’re doing our best to finish the first three installments, Orion, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda. Orion e-book will be among the free starter library and the paperback for sale on Amazon. Cassiopeia will probably be available immediately for sale as both e-book and paperback. And I might put Andromeda up for pre-order. I still have to learn the ropes of that. Then the rest of the series will trickle out monthly while the backlog of my archived vignettes lasts.

As for The Snowflake, my very first one, I’m happy to report that just yesterday I received the termination of my previous contract—so the book is again in my hands. My intention is to slightly redesign the cover to make it fit into the whole family of books I’m self-publishing as Studio Blest: the logo, the typography, the listed web links, and other information, most notably the back matter where the whole repertoire is announced. I’ll include the e-book in simple, color PDF format to the free starter library as well. To publish the hardcover, I’ll need to learn the process with Lightning Source, the IngramSpark company, since Amazon KDP prints paperbacks only. Maybe I’ll try printing a paperback first, to check the quality of that.

The website is still awaiting the final touches which will be accomplished in the next days. Then the BookFunnel and MailerLite integration and we’re ready to roll. Oh, and the Amazon book sales pages—it’s vital they are impressive, clear, and inviting.

Talk more soon, thank you.

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